• Body Image Coaching

    Helps you eliminate negative self-belief and replace it with self-love and acceptance.

    Self Esteem and Body Image Coaching is a process of self-love and empowerment. Coaching is designed to help you grow to love and accept yourself and free you from the shackles that have been stopping you from shining brightly.


    Self Esteem and Body Image Coaching aims to help you understand what underpins your negative body image. You will be given tools that systematically work through all those issues that have been holding you back from enjoying a fulfilling and harmonious life.


    Self Esteem and Body Image Coaching can help you rise to your own particular challenges and aspirations, so you go can achieve more than you ever thought possible.


    I use a heart model coaching process that is extremely motivational with actionable steps. It is a very loving and nurturing model that inspires lifelong changes to the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.


    I have also trained with the Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders and I am accredited to deliver the Free to BE Body Esteem resource.


    I empower YOU to explore and design your ideal life. I believe in you, I encourage you, I tell you the truth, I get to the bottom of your blocks, and together we will uncover your unique blueprint.


    I help you stay focused on the end goal. I work with you in a nonjudgmental way to help you realise your own potential and to gain confidence in your life so you are in control of each present moment and each future moment.


    I am passionate about guiding my clients to self-understanding, self-love, strength and fulfilment.

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