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    Let’s get one thing clear right now, Body Image is NOT about your physical appearance, it’s about the psychological thoughts you have about your body. In fact, Body Image has nothing to do with your actual appearance! It is TOTALLY about how you feel about your body! It doesn’t matter whether you weigh 50kgs or 100kgs, it’s about your self-perception and the feelings you attach to that perception.


    I have worked with models who are extremely thin and still don’t think they are good enough. I have worked with women who thought their unhappy life was because they weren’t the right weight and then they have lost that weight, only to still be unhappy! I have also coached robust curvy women who simply love their bodies. The truth is body shape and/or weight, does not determine how anyone feels about their body. Body image issues come in all shapes and sizes because there is so much more to it.


    Us women tend to use weight as an excuse we tell ourselves to account for whatever isn't going right in our life.


    Do you ever find yourself thinking things like if I was skinnier I would be happier? If I was skinnier I would have a boyfriend. If I was skinnier I would get that job. If I was skinnier I would like myself more. If I was skinnier I wouldn’t feel sad anymore. If I was skinnier all my problems would be fixed. And the list of ‘if I was skinnier’ and some part of my life would be better, goes on and on.


    Why is it that we as women carry this burden of a negative body image? How did this happen? How did we buy into this?


    We end up depressed, exercising manically, have disordered eating and worse of all, still end up hating ourselves.


    Much of this is the result of images of apparent physical perfection that bombard us from everywhere, like billboards, magazines, television, movies, the internet and so on. But it’s not real! These perfect women don’t even look like this themselves, they are photo shopped! It’s an illusion! It’s marketing!


    We know this, yet we continue to compare ourselves to these images and we continue to fat shame ourselves and keep ourselves feeling bad about how we look!


    The only winner here are the marketing companies selling their programs and products designed to keep women feeling bad.


    Deeper than that, is the fact that women today have the added pressure of doing so much more and feeling guilty if they aren't superwoman. So they put unrealistic expectations and unsustainable demands on themselves in an attempt to strive to be that perfect woman that can do it all. Then we collapse into an emotional mess, trying to work out why we still aren't happy within ourselves.


    I used to be that girl, and it took me years to realise I was okay, that I was enough and that true beauty is the gift of self-love and acceptance that only you can give yourself.


    I specialise in creating the mindset it takes to have positive Body Image and Self Esteem. I work with you lovingly and I help you examine the negative beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that are contributing to your negative body image and low self-esteem. Everyone deserves to be happy in the skin they are in, and always remember, your appearance doesn’t define you, there is so much more to you.


  • Facts

    Let the figures speak for themselves.

    11 to 24 year-olds

    How their body looks is now the biggest worry for the nation's male and female young Australians

    32% have body image issues

    Respondents put body image in their top three issues, ahead of family conflict and coping with stress.

    4.7% to 11% and growing

    The number of people regularly taking laxatives, making themselves sick or undergoing extreme fasting jumped from 1995 to 2005.

    5 x more Women

    Women were five times more likely to have a disorder, however there was also a sharp rise in the number of men bingeing and purging.

    3rd most common disease in Australian Females 15-24

    Eating disorders affect about 10% of young women and 1% of young men aged 14 to 24. The Australian Medical Association says stick-thin models contribute to this figure because they have a strong influence on body image and self-esteem among teenagers.

    The average Australian woman wears size 14 clothes

    A small number of fashion designers and magazines have embraced the idea of "real"-sized models, choosing size 10-14 women to model their clothes.

  • About me

    Why I became a Body Image Coach.

    Rita Brancatini

    My father died when I was 5. For years I used his death to keep me in victim mode by living in a dream of what I perceived would have been ‘happy families’ had he lived.


    I found out years later that my father was no angel, and that my idealistic dream life would have been non existent. My mother was no angel either, actually she had some pretty serious mental health issues.


    So after years of abuse at the hands of my controlling mother, I emerged into adulthood totally traumatised. As far back as I could remember, I was victimised daily and received ongoing physical beatings from her until I was 25, which is when I finally moved out of home, before I did something ‘bad’ to her. There is only so much the human spirit can take.


    It is no wonder that many years later, I became anorexic and bulimic.


    Given my Italian heritage, where food is used as a means of ‘control’ because it symbolises wealth and power, it is no surprise that anything related to ‘food’ was going to feature highly throughout my life, in some form or another.


    I was always a chubby kid, but by the age of 14, I was considered obese. I was using food as my go to comfort, to make up for the lack of love and protection that most children received growing up. Instead I was rejected, shamed and bullied. I just stuffed all my painful emotions with food.


    So I guess you would say I was full on food addict. The more sugar and carbs the better!

    One day after a horrific bullying episode at school I knew I had to lose weight. I thought that if I lost weight, my life wouldn’t be miserable anymore and that everyone would like me and accept me. So just like that, from the ‘fat chick’, I virtually became in what seemed overnight, the ‘skinny chick’, I was 15 by then.


    The power of the mind is truly great. I saw myself skinny, I thought skinny thoughts, I never doubted myself, I believed in my vision and was passionate about achieving it. I totally wanted it, so I made it happen with a vengeance. Back then, I didn’t even know about manifesting or visualising, yet that is what I did.


    So I lost the weight, but soon another set of problems emerged when I couldn’t stop dieting. I remember my brain’s wiring starting to change and control me, telling me not to stop. And I didn't want to stop either, even if I could, because for the first time in my life my mind was telling me that I was actually achieving something and getting noticed.


    Food, diet and exercise then became daily and manic. My life was spiralling out of control. Food was the only thing I could control, and before I knew it, I was a fully-fledged anorexic and bulimic. It was not pretty.


    All I knew was that when I was fat I ‘felt’ invisible. Suddenly skinny made me visible and I was seen and I liked it.


    However, it didn’t take long for my mind and body to become a new prison. Somehow, and before I knew it, I had created a different hell for myself...Keeping up with the regimes attached to staying that skinny is hard work and it did not make me happier. If anything I was more stressed, and became very unwell and extremely frail.


    Being thin did not improve my life. I still told myself I wasn’t good enough. I always managed to find flaws in myself. The fact was that my self-perception was flawed, it had nothing to do with my body shape.


    Really think about it, how does a perfect body even equal a perfect life? What does it even have to do with life? The stuff you tell yourself, the blame you put on yourself, it’s crazy.


    I was lucky that I found a great therapist to work through all the mental garbage in my head and slowly I began to put all the pieces of my life back together.


    The anorexia took away a good part of 20 years of my life. That’s how long it took before I could look in the mirror at myself and say: I’m OK just as I am and I love myself. It was that simple in the end.


    My personal journey is what inspired me to became a Self Esteem and Body Image Coach. I know the pain; I have lived the story. And if I can help it, not one more female will live in misery, hating herself because of her body.


    I am now a member of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration and I have trained with the Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders.


    If you decide to be coached by me and do the deep work needed, I promise that you will emerge on the other end falling helplessly in love with yourself wondering how you never saw your greatness before.


    With love I invite you to work with me and take one step at a time towards having the freedom and inner peace you deserve.


    Feel free to contact Rita to find out more about the workshops or enquire about making a booking.

    Department of justice award

    for the delivery of Personal Development Program

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